Music & lyrics: Tom Meeloo;
Vocals: Stephen Newton.

Music video

Actors: Tom Lange; Diana Zießmann
Camera director: Thomas Beuthner
Video director: Tom Meeloo











Shooting Places


As got known after our shooting at that place, some others had same ideas before:






The factory hall set



The Monuments Men (2014)

The soldier would meet our actor Tom, but they both were not been there at the same time:



ALIGN: Draw The Line (2016)







Enemy At The Gates (2001)

is the third movie with footage of here:







The four silos set



 ALIGN: Draw The Line:








Tributes Of Panem - Mockingjay 1 (2014) -

Katniss went through the same hole where Tom is sitting now:






In Enemy At The Gates you can see the four silos too:







The inner wall of the factory hall set



Tributes Of Panem - Mockingjay 1:





Enemy At The Gates:







The four tanks set



Tributes Of Panem - Mockingjay 1:

Katniss and her friends would run behind Tom's back through the

small Cottage on the right hand side.





ALIGN: Draw The Line:








Enemy At The Tanks..., umm, At Gates:







The chimney set



Tributes Of Panem - Mockingjay 1:

The chimney was destroyed by a combat aircraft in 2014.





Enemy At The Gates -

The same idea in the year 2001:





ALIGN: Draw The Line -

So we had to build up the chimney stacks again:


(A little joke !)






A short scene plays at the Meistersaal of the

Hansa Studio in Berlin. 



"The hall by the wall" (David Bowie)


 ALIGN will show the first video at: